Your Private Journey is a trip that is offered exclusively by Everything To Sea. It is just you, along with owners Dave and Max and the open sea (and of course, the crew.) We’d like to introduce you to Todd, one man who chose Your Private Journey and a personalized itinerary. He shares what he thinks was a trip that “exceeded his expectations and more.”

This past year has changed many people’s way of thinking about group travel. Some can’t wait to get back to it, others may hold off for a while. At Everything To Sea, we’ve always been about smaller, more intimate trips, so we never travel in large groups. But even if our small group naked cruises aren’t for you, an experience likeYour Private Journey may be just right. One of our travelers, Todd, tells us why he chose it.

“I have had some experience being nude in groups, but I was always a bit anxious about it,” Todd said. He went on to say that he especially liked this type of trip because he could tailor the itinerary to his interests. And with Dave and Max traveling with him, he said he not only became comfortable traveling to a remote part of the world – he also became more comfortable being naked.

“Being on the boat in the open sea, seeing the sights…along with the camaraderie… my private journey helped ease fears – not just with nudity, but even with things like diving, and seeing this new part of the world.”

Not only is Your Private Journey a private experience onboard, but due to the nature of our cruises and where we travel, you get the chance to relax (nude or clothed) in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. “Being out on the open sea not seeing anyone else afforded real privacy,” said Todd.

He went on to share, “Being one-on-one with them, and doing things with Dave and Max together… well, it really helped build my confidence.” This is exactly why Everything To Sea created this exclusive experience, so that men can choose and tailor their travel to their liking, and ultimately grow in unexpected ways.

Dave and Max don’t care if you think of yourself as “in-shape” or not, or if you consider yourself good-looking or an average-looking guy. Their goals are to get to know you, do things you want to do, have a great time, and maybe even have you try new things with them.

The founders of Everything To Sea, these two men come from two different countries. Also out of two different generations and different socio-cultural backgrounds, they might seem an unlikely pair. But in fact, they are two friends who share some commonalities, including a love of travel, a thirst for knowledge, and a true enjoyment getting to know other men on deeper levels. Picture just three guys, having their own travel experience, in a remote section of the world.

Todd says his private journey was “tremendously liberating.” It can run virtually any time of year, with a choice of three different ships, four different itineraries from which to start planning, different lengths, and different prices. If you’d like more information on how to experience what Todd did on Your Private Journey, you can click here. Dave and Max are looking forward to seeing you onboard.

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