Designed for just one guy, traveling with Everything To Sea founders Dave and Max… Your Private Journey consists of the three of us naked, having fun together on a ship…

::: Bali Through Our Eyes – Max and Dave, both living on Bali, share their own favorite things to do. An exploration of the island, decidedly off the tourist track. Top activities, places, and food… culminating in an all-male, naked party in a private villa with some other guys too, if you like. Guaranteed to bring – and keep – a smile on your face!

::: Half Sand, Half Sea – Cruising on our boat half the time, spending the other part of a week just the three of us on our favorite Private, Uninhabited Island in the Komodo National Park.

::: The Unseen Trip: Two Islands. Toraja in Sulawesi, with astounding cultural practices and belief systems. Also, the more rare parts of Bali including a nudist resort, dolphin watching, a cactus-landscaped national park, and the laidback seafaring village known as Amed.

::: The Sulawesi Islands. First exploring the death rituals in Toraja, then the fine (and massive!) Pinisi boat building at the tip of the southern peninsula. Later,  moving from terra firma to the sea, sailing through Takabonerate – one of the largest atolls on the planet – to our ultimate destination, the island of Flores. Get ready for the bluest water you’ve ever seen.

::: West Papua, New Guinea – trekking, dugout canoes, tribal cultures, and vanishing lifestyles. This is an adventure only for the most adventurous. Don’t worry, Max and Dave are with you!

::: The Komodo Islands – located in the Flores Sea, close to Bali but a world away. On this – our most popular group trip – we sail amongst uninhabited islands in unbelievable waters. It’s characterized by coral reefs, deposits from volcanoes, Komodo Dragons and rich marine biodiversity. Snorkel, trek, relax, gaze, and get naked with Max and Dave in this natural wonderland.

Wait, did you want to explore Borneo with us? Or Sumatra? You’ve been itching to get to the Malukus? We can make it happen – let’s go! Your Private Journey is customizable with activities, locales, and even length.