Every good company these days needs someone to focus on kinks when technical glitches come up – remember, we said technical kinks, not those kind of kinks.  Since we reach many of you via all sorts of digital platforms (you’re following us, right?) including our website and blog, sometimes technology doesn’t behave.  This is where Hans Kusuma comes in.

Not only is Hans joining us to help with technology, but he also holds so many of the values that Everything To Sea stands for, we couldn’t wait to bring him on board.

“I was born in Bogor, West Java.  I’ve been doing activism work for the queer community. Joining a team that’s involved in the queer travel industry is kind of an escape from that,” Hans said.

Hans just earned his bachelor’s degree in Agroecotechnology, which combines agronomy, biotechnology, the science of soil, and plant diseases.  He said he spends a lot of time in labs studying bacteria.  “Some may call me a nerd, but I just like to be a couple of steps ahead of people.”

Hans is really looking forward to helping Everything To Sea connect with more of you, and he enjoys getting the word out about our itineraries. “I think being naked is a form of self-liberation. I’m super amazed seeing the variety of people who like embracing their body shape, and I’m really supportive of it.”

We know that not everyone is as comfortable as the next person being naked in groups – and Hans told us he is “not quite there yet,” which we think is marvelous.  Our motto is to include everyone. From the experienced naturist, to the beginner.

“I want to learn and experience everything,” Hans said.  We at Everything To Sea love that outlook on life, and we’re really happy to have Hans onboard.  Welcome, Hans! 

Would you like to welcome Hans to the family?  Just send him a shoutout below.  Also, if you’d like to follow our blog – you’ll get notified whenever we post something naked and new – just scroll up to the top right corner of this page, and enter your email under the section “GET NOTIFIED EACH TIME THERE’S A NEW BLOG POST”.

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