Detailed Trip Information

Everything To Sea runs clothing-optional trips for men on an all-wood traditional vessel, sailing amongst islands in Indonesia’s Flores Sea.

The name Flores is Portuguese and means ‘flower’, as the Portuguese were the first Europeans to colonize East Nusa Tenggara. They eventually sold it to the Dutch. The Dutch gradually gained control of the island, although Portugal held the eastern end until 1851. The subjugated natives finally regained their independence in 1945, when Indonesia emerged as independent nation.

Flores Sea is one of the world’s most dynamic marine environments with nearly every species of coral and tropical fish represented. There are over 1400 different species to observe in these waters. Throughout the entire year one can find larger sea life such as mackerel or tuna. Turtles quite often appear on the slopes in the coral gardens.

On many of the flatter sites, even by snorkeling one can experience the unbelievable beauty of this underwater world.

Sailing the Flores Sea aboard a traditional hardwood Pinisi boat is an unusual, unbeatable experience. Standing on deck, sails billowing in the wind and exotic islands passing by on both sides, you’ll feel like a true adventurer. The islands in Komodo National Park are the Galapagos Islands of South-East Asia, packed with astonishing natural landscapes and diverse exotic wildlife. With hazy volcanic cinder cones, tropical forests, wild savannah and natural beaches, the park seems almost prehistoric.

During a 7 day trip you’ll get to fully immerse yourself in nature at its best. Warm and sunny weather combined with spectacular sights. Clothing-optional all male, small group with like-minded men and delicious meals and drinks that take you away from your home environment into a paradise which is as relaxing as it is inspiring.


  • 7-day trips

    Trip Highlights

    • 6-night cruise on a traditional all-wooden Pinisi boat
    • Tropical climate and diverse nature
    • Remote islands
    • Snorkeling in the area with the largest marine biodiversity on Earth
    • Clothing-optional environment
    • Three meals served daily onboard with a revolving Juice-of-the-Day
    • Free-flow alcohol, massages, body shaving services, more

    Pre-Trip: Labuan Bajo

    One day before the ship sails, you’ll fly into the airport of Labuan Bajo (LBJ) on the island of Flores. One of Everything To Sea’s group leaders will meet you at the airport and bring you to your hotel. You’ll have time to explore the town, or perhaps enjoy an afternoon at the pool in one of our recommended hotels. If you’re looking for more of a local option, be sure not to miss the local fish market.

    Day 1: Rangko Cave

    In the morning of our departure, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the harbor. After a refreshing welcome juice and an introduction to our crew, you’ll explore our large all-wooden ship known as “Pinisi”. Our captain and crew will set sail to our first destination, Rangko Cave.  Swim, marvel at the sunlight bouncing off the water, or just enjoy a quiet moment as you take in the stalagmite and stalactite-filled tropical wonderland. En route to our night anchorage, we’ll snorkel at Pulau Burung, a small but stunning island with turquoise blue water and a white sand beach.

    Day 2: Sea Turtles/ Flying Foxes

    Amongst literally thousands of islands – Indonesia’s archipelago boasts nearly 17,000 pieces of land surrounded by water – many are uninhabited, and many are small. Pulau Siaba, Kelor, and Manjarite are a few of them – and they’re on today’s itinerary. This is the perfect place to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in tranquil waters with Sea Turtles. If you haven’t snorkeled before, it’s no problem… just let one of our staff take your hand. Later in the day we’ll anchor at Pulau Kalong Rinca, to watch thousands of flying foxes head out into the sunset. There’s nothing quite like seeing the largest bats on Earth, while enjoying a drink from our ship’s bar.

    Day 3: Rinca Island

    After an early morning start we’ll arrive at Loh Baru. Safely guided by local rangers, we will explore the Flora and Fauna of Rinca Island. Walking through the natural habitat of water buffalos, blue kingfishers and Komodo dragons is a true experience for every outdoorsman.

    After a delicious and colorful lunch from our chef, we’ll slowly sail along the impressive south coast of Rinca Island. It’s one of the most isolated areas on our trip, and the perfect spot to shed your clothes with new friends.  Alternatively, you can chill out and browse through a book from our library – or take advantage of our body hair shaving, or enjoy a complimentary massage. It’s your experience, so do whatever you’d like. Just before the sun sets on the horizon, we’ll arrive at Padar Island to land on the beach for sundowners. 

    Day 4: Padar Island/ Komodo Dragons

    Green mountains surrounded by three turquoise bays? Sure, it sounds lovely. But Padar Island has a surreal quality, due to the different colored sand in each one of its bays – one’s white, one’s black, and one’s pink. To see ‘em, we’ll go early, while the sun’s still low. A thirty minute hike up, and you’re in one of the most picturesque places on the planet. Yep – guaranteed. 

    After a lax morning and snorkel in the crystal clear waters at Long Beach, we’ll set sail for Komodo Island. Guided by national park rangers, we will hike through the dragons’ natural habitat! These other-worldly beings are truly amazing. And they’re endemic to the islands of Komodo, which were declared a World Heritage Site about thirty years ago. Easily the largest lizard on earth, Komodo dragons can grow up to 10 feet.  No one knows exactly why, yet almost everyone agrees: there’s nothing on the planet quite like them.

    Day 5: Pink Beach and Manta Point

    Wake up early, if you like, and catch the stunning sunrise in the morning.  Later, we’ll head out to one of ten red beaches on the entire planet. The pink-red color comes from foraminifera, single-celled organisms. Funny that most people don’t know them; they’ve been on earth for the last 540 million years. It’s the shells of these guys, that churn up on only a few select beaches in the world. And it’s a very small number of guys on the planet who can actually see them. Join the club. 

    Back on the boat we’ll cruise to Manta Point, where the waters of two oceans meet to create a perfect underwater climate for manta rays. With a bit of luck we’ll be able to go snorkeling with these calm, gliding giants. In the evening we’ll enjoy a personal favorite of the Everything To Sea founders – a clothing-optional BBQ under a star-filled sky.

    Day 6: Sebayur/ Labuan Bajo

    Indonesian islands form an intricate coastline that’s the fourth longest in the world. Being so extensive, it’s characterized by coral reefs, deposits from volcanoes, and rich marine biodiversity. This is perfectly displayed on our last snorkeling spot – home for hundreds of different fish species, and is nothing short of astounding! 

    In the afternoon we’ll slowly cruise back to Labuan Bajo to give our sea legs a break. Let us show you our favorite spots in town. Paradise Bar – the best place to kick back and enjoy the sunset, followed by a celebration dinner in the town’s most delicious restaurant. Afterward, we’ll transfer you to one of our excellent hotels – covered by us, of course.

    Day 7: Labuan Bajo / Goodbye

    After breakfast, it’ll be time to say goodbye to new friends – but we’ll have spectacular memories of our time here together. Our driver will transfer you to the airport for your flight out or perhaps to your hotel, if you decide to stay on.

Gallery of Itinerary

Itinerary map


You’ll definitely need a valid passport that doesn’t expire for at least six months after your trip date. And, you’ll need to have a valid return airline ticket.

Ever since the Coronavirus, visa regulations have changed – and will continue to do so.  Therefore, we send details on the latest requirements to our travelers about five weeks out from their trip date. 

• To give you a general idea:  As of this writing, Indonesia is issuing e-Visas, and the processing time can take one to two weeks. 

• Note that there are a handful of countries with which Indonesia restricts travel. It might be wise to confirm your ability to enter the nation with a visa agent or embassy in your home country, beforehand.

• When on the plane, a flight attendant will give you a customs form to fill out, which you’ll turn in as you exit the airport on arrival. It will ask you to list an address for where you’ll be staying; you should list the hotel you’ll be in on your first night.


No vaccinations are currently compulsory for entry into Indonesia. Please reconfirm this before you leave, because conditions can change. Please advise us if you have any kind of medical condition, before the departure of your trip. If you require regular medication, be sure to have enough of it before your trip departs, as not all medicine may be readily available. You must be able to administer your own medication, as Everything To Sea will not be able to administer it, and there are no guarantees that there will be anyone with first aid training on board.

Travel Arrangements

There are many ways to fly into the country of Indonesia, for example through islands like Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, or Bali. We recommend Bali for several reasons: it’s very proficient in handling travelers arriving from all over the world, it’s got great proximity to the island of Flores, and it has several daily flight departures between the two islands. Moreover, a lot of guys like to spend some time in Bali, too – see “CAN I EXTEND MY TRIP?” under the Booking FAQs. A round-trip flight from Bali to Flores is fairly cheap.

A decent alternative would be to fly into Jakarta, on the island of Java. Sometimes airfare prices are significantly lower to Jakarta than Bali. And a roundtrip flight from Jakarta to Flores is not much more than from Bali.

Airport codes: Bali “DPS”; Jakarta “CGK”; Labuan Bajo “LBJ”.

  • One day before the ship sails, you’ll fly into the airport of Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. We’ll meet you at the airport and bring you to your hotel.
  • The next day, you can go to the dock in Labuan Bajo and meet us there, at the boat. Or, let us pick you up from your hotel – your choice.

We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel.

What to bring

Bring comfortable shoes for walking or trekking, if you’d like to explore any of the islands on foot. Waterproof sunscreen. A hat, and sunglasses, if you like. And a swimsuit for when we’re near others – although we’ll have baskets on the ship with sarongs to grab for a quick cover-up, should another boat pass by. And a yoga mat, if your group decides each of you will bring your own. Payment on the islands is mostly on a cash basis – so make sure you bring enough cash in rupiah – the local currency. Overall, pack lightly – you won’t be needing many changes of clothes! Either soft or hard luggage is fine.

Amount of money to bring? Not much. We’ve aimed to make things all-inclusive on the boat, so that while you’re free of clothes, you’re also free of costs.

  • You’ll come in one day before the ship sails. Most hotels in town will range from US$40 – $90 for the night.
  • If you want to pick up a souvenir (like a carved Komodo dragon sculpture), or buy various sundries in the town of Labuan Bajo on your first night pre-sail, you should budget for that. Most people would have a hard time spending more than $30 or $40 for such, but obviously there are more expensive works of art that can be had, too.
  • The only other thing to anticipate as a cost is tips – but only if you desire to give any to the crew. Suggested range of tips that a person could give for the whole crew – $50 – $90.

Here’s a suggested clothing list:

  • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • 1 pair thongs / sandals / flip-flops
  • 1 pairs light jeans or trousers
  • 2 pairs shorts
  • 4 shirts / t-shirts
  • 1 lightweight jacket
  • Underwear, if you must 😉
  • Some other things…
  • Cash in rupiah (IDR)
  • Passport (with visa, if required – see above)
  • Yoga mat (depends on group)
  • Camera, batteries & chargers
  • Mobile phone
  • Toiletries
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Basic medical kit (including plasters, antibiotic ointment, pain relief medication, motion sickness medication, etc.)
  • Insect repellent
  • Adapter for plugs, if necessary
  • Indonesian Phrasebook (You’ll get to try out words and phrases with the crew)

And here are some other things you might want to bring, but may not, in fact, use. Up to you…

  • Socks
  • Swim suit
  • Washing powder
  • Sewing kit
  • Flashlight

Please note…

If you’re not wearing many clothes during the trip, you probably don’t need to bring many.

Towels and linens are provided on the ship.


Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the last day of your trip. Many countries (including Indonesia) refuse entry if there is not at least 6 months validity on your passport, AFTER your departure date from their country.

Customs form

When on the plane, a flight attendant will give you a customs form to fill out, which you’ll turn in as you exit the airport on arrival. It will ask you to list an address for where you’ll be staying, and you should list the hotel you’ll be in on your first night.


All meals during the trip are included. We offer a mix of local dishes and Western meals. Local dishes are mostly noodle and rice-based, with vegetables and meat or fish. It’s a good opportunity to try new foods and new flavors – think coconut milk, tofu and tempe, peanut sauces, and even hot chilis, if you desire. Western foods are European or American-based. We provide three meals a day, and there’s always enough food for everyone. Plus, you can expect fresh Juice-of-the-Day, and island fruits available, all the time. Also coffee, tea, and water. Forget about junk food: imagine eating healthy, delicious, fresh food, for the entire time you’re on the boat! While we can’t cater to specific diets, should you have certain food preferences or needs, Let us know if you have any special dietary needs; we’re happy to try and accommodate such. Inform us now – and not when you’re on the trip, as there’s very little we can do at that point. Please be aware, though, that we might not be able to meet all dietary requests. If you’re flying internationally, consider bringing some vitamin supplements for your immune system.

Accommodations on the boat

We think our cabins are amazing in terms of materials (and location!). But on an international level, they’d probably be considered as “3 stars”. We’ve selected a vessel that reflects the character of the local area, as opposed to a larger, luxury-focused vessel. The cabins with single beds may be smaller than what you’re used to in other parts of the world. Not the beds themselves – which are like standard twin bunk-beds – just the rooms they’re in. Standards and ratings in other parts of the ship may also be different to your home country.

Rooms are either twin, triple, or quadruple share. You can reserve a queen bed with another person in one of our two-man private rooms for an additional cost. You can also have a private room for yourself, for an additional cost. Note that room availability is limited, and configured based on earliest requests. Please reserve with your travel agent, or directly with Everything To Sea (https://www.everythingtosea.com/home/#costs).

If you’re a light sleeper, a pair of foam earplugs won’t cost much, but they might become your new best friend.

For information on hotels before or after the trip, see the section below, “Accommodation Suggestions in Labuan Bajo”


The toilets on the ship are “western” style (they’re not low-to-the-floor toilets that require squatting). And although they will have toilet paper, they’ll also have a spray hose that can be used “bidet-style” – a common feature of toilets in this part of the world. Showers and sinks are all in the same room, except for one outdoor, solar-powered, warm water shower.


Bring whatever sort of luggage you like: soft bag, rolling suitcase, or frameless backpack. However, we recommend you pack light. You always hear that people invariably bring more than they need, but think about it, in this case – if you’re not wearing many clothes – you’ll hardly need them! Moreover, the temperature on the seas will be either hot, or warm, or balmy

Electricity and voltage

The voltage throughout Indonesia is 230 volts. Many modern electrical devices are built to be able to handle a range of different volts, usually from 110V to 240V. Definitely check the voltage of your appliance before plugging it in, as the appliance may be damaged if the incoming voltage is higher than the appliance is manufactured for. Once you have established the voltage of your appliance, all you will need is an adapter to ensure your plug will fit the Indonesian sockets. Indonesia uses a two pronged round pinned plug, like Europe. If your appliance cannot run at 230 volts, you’ll need to bring a converter, too.


Indonesia’s monetary unit is the Indonesian rupiah (IDR). Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are available in Indonesia and are the easiest way
to access cash. We recommend using ATMs at banks, and not “stand-alone” ATM machines at convenience stores. Bank ATMs provide greatest security, as sometimes small cameras are installed at lower-security machines, and they can capture your information.

We recommend that you change approximately US$100 or €100 in cash before departure. This will cover you for spending money until you have the chance to change more or find an ATM.

Most well known credit cards are accepted in Indonesia.

Note that you won’t have to spend any money, any day of the trip – other than tips to the crew, should you choose to give, at the end (see below for info on that). We’ve aimed to make things all-inclusive, so that while you’re free of clothes, you’re also free of costs.

You’ll come in one day before the ship sails, and you’ll need to pay for that night’s accommodation – either beforehand, or while there. Most hotels in Labuan Bajo will range from US$40 – $90 for the night.

Should you wish to purchase a souvenir (like a carved Komodo dragon sculpture), or buy various sundries in the town of Labuan Bajo on your first night pre-sail, you should budget for that – or use your credit cards for these purchases. Most people would have a hard time spending more than $30 or $40 for such, but obviously there are more expensive works of art that can be had, too. Remember, this can vary greatly between individuals, according to your overall personal budget and spending habits.


In this part of the world, tipping is not normal in restaurants. Leaving small change (like 5,000 or 10,000 rupiah) is appreciated – but not expected. Please refrain from tipping huge amounts, as this sets up “foreigner tipping expectations” for the future. The crew on the ship work hard to make sure our guests have the best experience possible. If you desire to give tips, it would be most appreciated by them. Tips that one person could give (for the whole crew) might range from – $50 – $90 for a 7 day trip, and half of that for a 4 day trip.

Starting your trip

There are many ways to fly into the country of Indonesia, for example through islands like Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, or Bali. We recommend Bali for several reasons: it’s very proficient in handling travelers arriving from all over the world, it’s got great proximity to the island of Flores, and it has several daily flight departures between the two islands. A roundtrip flight from Bali to Flores is fairly cheap.

Please arrange to physically be in Labuan Bajo (where our boat is located) at least one day before the ship sails. Arrange a flight to Labuan Bajo (LBJ) on the island of Flores, and send us an email with your flight details, at least two weeks before the trip begins. We’ll meet you in the airport and bring you to your hotel.

On the day of the trip, we will all be at the boat at 7am.. You can go to the dock in Labuan Bajo on your own, and meet us there. We’ll greet you and then walk a minute or two to wherever our boat is parked that day. To do this on your own, go to the harbor in town: it’s called “PELABUHAN”. You’ll know you’re there when you see a white sign overhead that reads “Kantor Unit Penyelenggara Pelabuhan”. Just walk in and look for a foreign guy at the pier. Alternatively, let us pick you up from your hotel at 6:30am, and we’ll bring you to the harbor directly. Let us know beforehand which option you prefer.


If you have WiFi, or a local SIM card installed on your phone, you can access WhatsApp. The app known as “WhatsApp” allows you to talk for free,
whether you’re the caller or the recipient of a call. it’s the most-used free calling app worldwide. Here’s an NBC article on it: https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/app-worth-16-billion-8-reasons-whatsapp-so-popular-n34141

We strongly recommend you take a minute now and download WhatsApp to your mobile device.

Saying Goodbye

The voyage finishes after breakfast on the last day of the trip. We should be in the harbor by 12pm. You are responsible for making your onward travel airline flight plans. Note that because we’ll be in the harbor at noon, flights out from Flores can fly as early at 2pm. Latest departures out are usually until 6pm on any given day. From the harbor to the airport by car typically takes 10 minutes. It’s a small, efficient airport. We recommend you’re there 45-60 minutes before your flight.

Add on experiences, before and after the trip

A lot of guys like to spend some time in Bali. Length and activities can be tailored to your desire. People commonly spend anywhere from a few days to three weeks on the “Island of the Gods”. Activities can include yoga, surfing, visiting the LGBT neighborhood known as Seminyak, learning about the arts and culture, or delving into the spiritual elements offered on the island. We can arrange a local LGBT-friendly guide and/or driver for you on Bali.
Scuba diving excursions are available from the islands of Flores, Lombok, or Bali. We can help arrange various lengths and locales. Just send us an email at least four weeks pre-trip, and let us know which options you’re interested in, so we can start the discussion.

Your trip is going to be relaxing and really fun, too. But in order for things to go smoothly, please reply to us as soon as you’re able (we request, at least one month before your trip date) with the following information:
– Your passport number and issuing country
– Flight details into Labuan Bajo (airline, flight number, departure location, departure and
arrival times)
– Name of accommodation choice in Labuan Bajo
– Want to meet us at the harbor, or be picked up from your hotel?
– Any add-on experiences you’d like to have?
– Any travel insurance information to share with us? (see “Insurance” section, above)
– Any medical conditions we need to know about?
– Any special dietary needs?
– Want to reserve a queen bed, or a private room – if you haven’t yet done so?

Please send the above details via email to [email protected]


Travel Insurance

We recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance before your trip begins, covering cancellation, medical expenses including repatriation, loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings, money and public liability. One well-respected and reliable company offering travel insurance is World Nomads:


Please email us with your insurance details, including the name of your insurance company, the 24 hour emergency telephone number for them, and your policy number.

You may send it to [email protected]



Price: $2,690

Private Room: ranges from $2,690 –  $2,890

Deposit: $200

Remaining Balance: 270 days before departure

Remaining Balance Due: 180 days before departure

Note: All prices are in US dollars

Not Included:

  • Accommodations for one night, before we sail
  • Tips, if you choose to give gratuity to the crew


  • Three meals per day on boat
  • Soft drinks, mineral water, Juice-of-the-Day, coffee, tea
  • Beer, wine, arak, vodka, gin, whiskey, and rum
  • Snacks
  • Fruits – any time of day or night
  • All linens, including towels
  • Services of a Western Group Leader on boat
  • Services of Captain and Crew
  • National Park access fees
  • Wifi
  • A massage for every three days on ship
  • Body shaving services
  • Snorkeling gear and instruction
  • Life jackets
  • Warm welcome with transport from airport in Labuan Bajo, Flores (LBJ) to your hotel, on the day before we sail
  • Pick up from your hotel to boat marina on first day

Pre-Sail Accommodation

LA CECILE (Our top choice/recommended)

Located just five minutes from town, the hotel boasts a lovely swimming pool with gorgeous views overlooking the bay. Good air conditioning and hot water showers. Also has a full service restaurant with local and international dishes, sun deck, rooms with private balconies, free shuttle into town.

  • Prices: Around rp850.000 per night.
  • Address: Jalan Golo Silatey, Labuan Bajo
  • Phone: +62 385-2440612
  • Website: https://lacecilehotel.com
  • TO BOOK: [email protected] (Mention Code “TRAVEL EVERYTHING” to get the
  • discounted rate)


Contemporary minimal-style boutique hotel. Offers both private rooms and a six-bed dormitory. Good air conditioning, hot water showers, modern bathroom facilities. A ten minute walk from the center of town, hence you will “escape” from Bajo. Has own shuttle bus for pick up and drop off at the hotel. Can also take a taxi there, from town center pay rp50,000 for a taxi, or hop on the back of a scooter for rp20,000.

  • Prices: Around rp585.000 per night/private room; rp180.000 per night/dormitory.
  • Address: Jalan Binongko, Labuan Bajo
  • Phone: +62 385-2440011
  • Website: http://www.escapebajo.com
  • TO BOOK: [email protected]


Individual bungalows on a hillside overlooking the harbor. Charming accommodations and great views. Perhaps the only thing that’s a challenge is that there’s a mosque nearby which issues the hourly call to prayer, starting early morning until late afternoon. Physically challenged people might have problems with climbing the narrow paths to the units. 15 min walk to the center of town.

  • Prices: Around rp700,000 per night
  • Address: Gang Perikanan Lama no. 77, Labuan Bajo
  • Phone: +62 812-3709-8294
  • TO BOOK: https://www.booking.com/hotel/id/selini-on-the-hill-villas.html


Just email us at [email protected]