Trip Highlights

  • Travel on a traditional all-wooden pinisi boat
  • Tropical climate and diverse nature
  • Remote islands
  • Snorkeling in the area with the largest marine biodiversity on Earth
  • Clothing-optional environment
  • Three meals served daily onboard with a revolving Juice-of-the-Day
  • Free-flow alcohol, massages, body shaving services, and more


We have quiet and secluded beaches where groups can practice tantra. This can be as many hours as desired in a day (some groups seek just one or two hours a day; others want several practice sessions daily). The content of the tantra practice is up to the tantra/tantric group, and the experience can be customized with tantric massage, meditation and discussions on tantra traditions – either on beaches or the boat. We will work with groups to bring in as many aspects of our regular naked trips as groups like… so the schedule can be a true mix of experiences, or mostly tantra-focused.

Groups supply their own instructor. We have low “zabuton” cushions that are specially used for our tantra / tantric group voyages.

On our trips, participants can fully immerse themselves: in nature, in quality of experience, and in their tantra practice. They can expect warm and sunny weather combined with spectacular sights. It’s a naked all-male, small group experience with like-minded men. Tantra practitioners can anticipate delicious meals and drinks that take them away from their home environment, into a paradise which is as relaxing as it is inspiring.


Just email us at [email protected]