Dave Power and Maximillian Strauss are the founders of Everything To Sea. In early 2018 they met at a port in Bali, both waiting for a passenger boat in a small fishing village.  Within minutes they’d realized a shared passion for unusual travel.

Their common interests were many, including the idea of how cool it would be to create an experience for men which centered around freedom, camaraderie, friendship and honesty. Out of their relationship came not only a strong friendship, but also Everything to Sea, established in January 2019.  Ironic that now, with a clothing-optional small-ship cruising company open for business, Dave and Max still find themselves… at ports, waiting for boats.



Formerly a cultural anthropologist with a focus on Western New Guinea, Dave was first exposed to nudity by tribesmen – and only later embraced it as a lifestyle for himself.  Well-travelled, he discovered his joy for naked sailing on small ships over the last ten years. With his love for people, curiosity for adventure and sense of humor that’s anything but typical, Dave is the man you want to travel with.



Max grew up in East Germany – home to the FKK (Freikörperkultur). Translated as “Free Body Culture”, the movement is based on naturism, so he hadn’t experienced any taboos within it. A devoted traveler, Max spent three years sailing through the Southeast Asian archipelago. His background is in marine engineering, and he oversees technical aspects of the undertaking. With a positive attitude and heartfelt friendliness, Max’s spirit is infectious and thirsty for new experiences.


From its inception, Everything to Sea has grown to be more than Dave and Max.  Now an international team of men, hailing from Argentina, Estonia, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States.  A group of diverse men, all working to create a novel, genuine, fun and memorable travel experience for other men.


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