Nick, why are you not answering our multiple communications sent to you since June 2021? 

And why are you, instead, slandering our company? Is it because you see us as competition? Many of your readers publicly post their email addresses in your Magazine and on your Map. Because they do so, we presume they want to be contacted. And most of them have been really happy when we’ve contacted them, offering them our free Nude Newsletter and our Naked Blog access, and giving them a chance to post naked pictures of themselves on our TwitterX account. Nearly 25% of them have responded favorably to our one-time mailing… joining the newsletter or blog mailing lists, following us on social media, or going on trips with us. Less than 1% have complained. How did you get to be in the 1%? 

Contrary to what you’ve charged us with, we’ve never added anyone to our mailing list without their explicit request that we do so. 

Nick, you previously spoke with us about building a naked community, and that’s what we’re doing. Specifically, in March of 2020, you advised us not to send emails that were blatantly selling our company. Instead, you encouraged us to contact your GoNaked readers and offer things they might want, things that are free.

from: Nick Golic [email protected]
to: Everything To Sea
date: Mar 5, 2020, 6:59 PM
subject: Re: Everything To Sea and GoNaked

Build your relationships with customers by letting them trust you. Give them something valuable in exchange for their email address. Create a travel guide. Offer a webinar that explains what you guys offer. Publish a travel journal that guys can download. The right audience will happily support you if they know you have something they want. Create something that the readers want and let us promote THAT for you.

And we did exactly that! It was based on what you encouraged us to do, over a year ago. We found that many men wanted what we were offering. Indeed, we have over 8,000 followers on our social media platforms now. Clearly, men want our content.

But as our following grew, did you find it contradictory to your own (recent) endeavor? Because now, you’re essentially offering something we’ve been doing for a while… naked travel experiences for men. Perhaps you see us as competition now. It’s a guess, only because your recent behavior to us has included slander, bullying, coercion, and threats. When we’ve responded to you, we’ve been met with a passive-aggressive tactic of “no reply”. This seems in direct contrast to the “public Nick” – who is calm, chill, happy, and communicative. And we know you have that – that better side of yourself. 

Let’s aim for mutual understanding and resolution. We sincerely hope that you can employ a different tactic, and engage in a two-way dialogue with us. We’d certainly look forward to healthily communicating with you.