Dave, one of the co-founders of Everything To Sea, offers a stream-of-consciousness post dealing with the present, the past, and the future, in an honest and daring take on himself sexually.

So my girlfriend looked at me the other day with her head cocked, and said, “I’d say you’re an exhibitionist.”  I laughed and said, “Aw honey, come on… I’ve got an all-male naked sailing company. Of course I am.”

I was thinking about that when I was getting dressed to go for a run earlier today.  I run with only a pair of thin shorts and a cockring.  And I’m always freeballing.  No briefs, no shirt, no socks, no cap… nothing else, besides running shoes.  Ok, I’m an exhibitionist, and proud of it (what exhibitionist isn’t?)

During my run, I played some music.  I heard a song from several years back, and it got me to thinking about Covid.  The song’s called “7” (Ursula Rucker and m.a.d.).  It’s about two people who have lost the love they once had.  And they’re figuring their next steps. 

I’m self-quarantining right now, because a week ago I flew halfway across the world. Perhaps I’m a bit too entrenched in CoronavirusThoughts, but it struck me during my run that there’s a parallel between the song I was listening to, and this pandemic.  With Corona, we’ve all lost something – not love, but a lifestyle – and we, too are figuring out our next steps.

So much has been lost, right?  As for me, I especially miss cafes, and dinners with friends.  I miss Everything To Sea trips (we were supposed to be starting our sailing season again this month, but Max and I canceled the trip out of safety concerns).  I miss chatting with people in my village in Bali.  I know those things will come back.  Perhaps there’ll be differing timelines for them, but I know they all will.  As my dad told me the other day, things may seem lost, but they’re not… they’re just deferred.

However, there’s a loss now that I cannot stop thinking about:  sex.  And it’s not just because I’m alone.  It’s just that I can’t help but look back – just like they do in that song.  The difference is, I’m remembering all the sex parties I’ve attended over the years.  See, in addition to exhibitionism, I like group sex.  And yet, group play seems like an almost unimaginable scene to me, now that Corona’s appeared.  I don’t see it changing anytime soon.  Has Coronavirus made casual sex a thing of the past?  Would love to read other guys’ thoughts on this… feel free to comment below.

By Dave Power, Co-Founder, Everything To Sea