Indonesia is a land of beautiful volcanoes – one of them is Mt. Batur, which is located in Bali. A lot of guys who sail with us want to extend their trips to explore the Island of the Gods, after their cruises conclude. Everything To Sea is happy to arrange Bali Add-On options – and we have many to choose from. One exciting activity is to climb Mt. Batur. It’s probably not for the faint-hearted… but the journey is definitely worth it. Check out this excerpt from the blog post on, where the traveler describes his experience hiking up this amazing mountain.

“Sunrise trek to Mount Batur? Why not? Ok, sign me in!” Those were the words I uttered when a tour agent asked if I’d be interested. Of course, I paid the tour right away without qualms. You see – I love a mountain climb. I always do. At my age right now (I’m not really that old hag yet), I know, I’d be slower than I used to be. For me, it’s all about proper breathing when trekking/climbing/hiking a mountain. And of course – keeping a distance from the person you are following with. I find that if I hike closer behind someone, I’m pressured/forced to keep up – and I won’t enjoy the journey anymore. So, I want to be the last one in a group.

Based in Ubud, I was picked up at my accommodation at 2:15 AM. Then, they served us a pre-breakfast food: banana pancakes and coffee/tea. Right after that, we’re off to the base of Mt. Batur. When we arrived there, two guides met us (a group of 9) and briefed us about safety. They then each gave us a small flashlight for the trek. At 3:40, we started our trek in the darkness. Under the star-filled skies, the adventurous climb was off to a good start.

As you know, Mt. Batur is not just your regular mountain. It is also a volcano – an active volcano! When we finally reached the summit, it was still dark. We could still see the tiny moon and a few stars left shining. Looking down, we saw flickering lights from the sleeping communities.

Out of nowhere, the cheeky monkeys appeared. Beware of your food in the bag. They can smell it and they’ll try to smuggle it against your will. One cheeky baby monkey tried to snatch my small tripod, but I got it before he caught it. I kept my distance right away because the aggressive mama came running to the rescue. That was close!

The cheeky monkeys – watch your belongings, especially your food – if you don’t want to share! And since it’s a volcano, I was expecting to stand (or at least see) on the edge of the crater. And boy, I wasn’t disappointed! Yes, I did! And it’s freakin’ scary! What if the monkeys would do a prank on me by pushing me to the abyss?

Then, the clouds began to float in front of us. The mists hanging over farms and houses were so calming to witness. And when the sun announced its first colors of gold, purple, and pink, everyone was stunned. The sunrise was an awesome, serene sight to watch from the summit while the clouds are floating in front of you.