I’ll be your guide to all things naked sailing, as the newsletter and blog writer for Everything To Sea. My name is Darren Johnson – I’d like to introduce myself to all of you here.


When Dave and Max put out the call for someone to help write and gather content for their platforms, I was intrigued. I don’t consider myself a nudist, but I was on their mailing list, so I must have an interest, right?

I have dabbled with being nude in groups. I’ve been to nude beaches and have been naked in front of other men in public settings before (legally, of course). The thought of going on a nude sailing adventure sounded like something I’d want to experience.

In full disclosure, I have not been on an Everything To Sea adventure yet, but hope to soon.

I’m a newly 45-year-old gay man. I grew up dating women and almost went the traditional marriage route. Why? Because in a traditional Irish and Italian household, that’s what you do.

With that said, coming out was not easy. To add to the (sometimes) difficult process of coming out, I grew up overweight and had self-esteem issues that ran my life. Was I bullied for my weight? Almost daily.

You may be wondering, how is a guy that has self-esteem issues comfortable being nude in front of others? Truth be told, I’m not. At least, I’m not 100% comfortable. That’s something I’m going to be working on and working towards. My Everything To Sea journey will be a part of this process.

I still battle with gaining and losing weight, but I have learned to not let it run my life. I like to think of myself as a fun guy who has accomplished a lot after living in the shadows for so long (thanks to the bullies of the world). I became an on-camera reporter, and a professor in journalism. I guess after being quiet for so long, I had a lot to say publicly. 🙂

Being comfortable with my body is a struggle many men can relate to. I admire those men who find being nude in public to be just as comfortable as walking down the street in a pair of jeans or shorts.

I look forward to researching and writing more about the human body, and the normalcy of nudity, and how important nudity is for our peace of mind and spirit. I also aim to write more about the journeys we’ll plan for you in the future.

Have you struggled with body image issues or been a victim of bullying? Feel free to comment below.

Naked cheers to you. And thanks for reading.

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