We hear from first time nudists expressing concerns about being nude for the first time in a group setting. Our own Everything To Sea’s support specialist, Ron, describes his recent first-time experience onboard our latest trip. It was his first time being nude with others. What he has to say may help anyone who may be timid about taking it all off in groups.

You may be familiar with Ron Roeslan, a support specialist for Everything To Sea. A blog post, Being Gay in Indonesia, told his story of societal and familial issues living in a part of the world that embraces the “don’t ask don’t tell” mantra when it comes to being gay. His story also details how accepting that part of the world has become with homosexuality.

This fall, Ron stepped outside of his comfort zone by hopping onboard his first Everything To Sea trip. “Everyone started getting comfortable getting to know each other and their clothes started coming off. I was the last one to take off my clothes,” Ron said.

Even though Ron said he was the last to get naked, It didn’t take him long to become comfortable with the group and comfortable being nude in front of others. “I wasn’t comfortable with my body shape, but I saw how everyone was different in different ways and interacting with each other, accepting of each other, I became very comfortable being nude.”

We’ve talked about ‘body positivity’ often on this blog as an important component to enjoying being nude in public. Ron wanted to share his experience with all of you because he went from being reluctant and nervous to already looking forward to another trip (he also said he’d like to encourage more of our readers to get onboard – so others can experience what he did).

“This boat trip changed the way I see myself, my body, my confidence being a gay man, nude and it helped me not worry about how others see me and my body.”

In addition to Ron’s change in thinking in terms of his sense of self, he said he got to experience and see the landscape in a whole new extraordinary way.

“It was beyond my expectation, the landscape, the coral, the colors and seeing it all up close. Also, seeing a remote village and how people live on these islands. I can’t wait to go back on another trip,” Ron said with a big smile.

If you’re thinking of getting naked with us and you’re feeling a little shy, we have plenty of resources here on our blog. We even offer tips for the first-time nudie Feel free to click around and read more about the physical and mental health benefits of baring it all.

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