The Everything To Sea family is growing. No, no one is expecting, but Eddie Rahadian will be joining the team as our communications specialist. We wanted to give you all a chance to meet him. He says he’s sassy, single, and ready to mingle. Let’s meet Eddie!

On a recent Zoom call, our new communications specialist, Eddie Rahadian, told us “it’s been years since I’ve bought a new pair of underwear.” He said, “I don’t need them.” We think he fits right in with our company policies!

We met Eddie through another one of our team members. He’ll be posting on social media, writing blog posts, doing outreach to groups and travel agents. Overall, Eddie will be helping us reach more of you. He says he is excited to join the team and help spread the Everything To Sea theme, which is, get men of all ages, races,  and sizes together, to sail to exotic islands, naked.

Eddie describes himself as “sassy” and hopes to bring a “positive energy to the team and especially our readers.”

When we asked Eddie how he would describe Southeast Asia and the area that Everything To Sea sails in, he said “Picturesque scenes of the sky and the ocean. With a bunch of cool, open-minded guys. Perfect recipe.” That’s a great attitude to have and one of the reasons why we love what Everything To Sea has to offer.

When we asked Eddie why he wanted to join the Everything To Sea team, he told us, ” I always wanted to work in a company that is all-men whether they’re bi, gay, or open-minded.”

Eddie says he has had an interesting upbringing and that people would describe him as empathetic, outgoing and kind. “I was born in the western part of Sumatra but grew up in Java. I was abroad for a little bit in China and Thailand before deciding to reside in Bali.”

While Eddie says that he was introduced to nudism years ago, he says that he wants more experience being naked with other groups of men. Welcome, Eddie, we’re glad you’re here. Feel free to drop a warm welcome hello to him in the comment section below.

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