::: As long as there is space, additional travelers may be added until two weeks before the departure date.

::: Should the Group Organizer choose to keep trip prices confidential from the participants, Everything To Sea will do so as well.  However, group trip offers are displayed publicly on Everything To Sea’s website at https://www.everythingtosea.com/#experiences

::: The ship has two cabins that can each sleep three men; they are comprised of a double bed and a single bed. There are two more cabins that can each sleep two men; they are comprised of two single beds.  The ship has one more cabin on upper deck that can sleep two men; it has one double bed. The Group Organizer can decide the sleeping arrangements, or can opt to let Everything To Sea assign the guys to rooms.

::: To book a trip, the Group Organizer will contact Everything To Sea via the form specific to their group from https://www.everythingtosea.com/experiences/your-group-our-ship.
A representative from Everything To Sea will respond, and the two men will start the planning process together, determining trip content with regards to aspects such as dates and other details.

::: Payments
An initial deposit of US$1,000 will reserve the desired date.
Thereafter, three additional payments will be made over the course of time leading up to the departure:
The 2nd payment will be due 6 months before the trip date, for $3,000
The 3rd payment will be due 3 months before the trip date, for $6,000
Payment for final number of travelers will be made as the Balance, and will be due 1 month before the trip.

::: Payments to Everything to Sea may be made by credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, JCB, and American Express. For Groups, bank transfers are also possible.

::: Trip Date
Although Everything To Sea intends a guaranteed departure, a trip date may change or be cancelled due to unforeseen events including safety issues, changing natural conditions, and force majeure.

::: Communication
Everything To Sea sends out a Welcome Letter, a Pre-departure letter, and a Just-before-the-Voyage letter to every Traveler, via email. When there is additional lead time before a departure, additional letters will be sent out.

::: Changing Group Departure Dates
Change of group departure requests must be sent via email, to [email protected] If Everything To Sea can accommodate the date change request, a $3,500 administrative fee will be charged.

::: Group Cancellations
Group cancellation requests must be sent via email, to [email protected] The date of the received email determines the cancellation fee.
$1,000 deposit is non-refundable.
After 2nd payment made: 70% of 2nd payment returned.
After 3rd payment made: 30% of 2nd and 3rd payment returned.
80 days or less before departure: 0% of 2nd and 3rd payment returned.
In lieu of canceling a trip, the group may want to consider changing their departure date.

::: Additional Support for all group participants is available 365 days a year, by sending an email to [email protected]

::: Everything To Sea encourages all participants to thoroughly review all content on the website, including the FAQs section, for greatest familiarity with Everything To Sea trips.

::: Your next steps
Please visit our website and enjoy a short video, scintillating photos and graphics, and comprehensive information reflecting Everything To Sea’s philosophy of travel, at https://www.EverythingToSea.com


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