Everything to Sea’s mission is to organize the best possible clothing-optional adventures for men. Our vision is to be the preferred travel operator for naturist groups.

The company is a small 10 man team from various parts of the world working together to give men – no matter gay, bi, straight or curious – a chance to experience a relaxed judgment-free atmosphere and experiencing breathtaking locations around the world.


We’ve created some special options for groups like yours. Put together your own group of guys, and enjoy the benefits. You can create a group trip for as few as 6 men, and as many as 12.  Benefits increase with the number of travelers.  

OPTION 1:  Bonus Voyages Deal, where some individuals travel for free:

  • A group with 6 or 7 paying men allows one other man to travel for free.
  • A group with 8 paying men can have two other men travel for free.
  • And a group with 9 paying men allows three other men to travel for free.

OPTION 2:  Group Price Deal, where each person pays a discounted rate:

  • Every man traveling pays – even the group’s organizer. In this way, the savings are spread out for a per person price reduction, so everyone traveling pays less.

OPTION 3:  Earning money for your nudist/naturist group:   

  • Every man traveling pays an amount greater than the Group Price Deal.  This new price is decided by the group’s organizer, with guidance from an Everything To Sea staff member, if desired.  The group’s organizer manages the money, makes the payments necessary to Everything To Sea, and the remaining amount stays within the group (think future programming costs, marketing expenses, or even paying the group organizer for his time).

With your own group, you can pick your departure dates between April and November. 

Our sailing trips serve as an excellent and unique naked group experience. This trip ticks all the boxes: Small Group, Sailing Enthusiasts, Nudists/Naturists, Exhibitionists/Voyeurs, All-Male Socializing, Men who are Gay/Bisexual/Curious, and guys seeking Exotic Destinations.  Run in a professional yet relaxed manner, they’re unusual, fun, and confidence-building. Perhaps best of all – they’re available to nudist and naturist groups at a substantially reduced price.



Just email us at [email protected]