Our Communications Specialist Eddie Rahadian recently joined one of our cruises and, for him, it was nothing short of amazing. In this blog post, Eddie shares some of his personal favorite moments during the voyage.

I started working at Everything To Sea earlier this year and I have to say it’s been a life-changing experience. This is the first time for me to work in a company that focuses on naked travel experiences for men. As a gay man from Indonesia – where LGBTQIA+ rights are still something that we struggle to achieve – working with Everything To Sea is a rare opportunity for someone like me.

One of the perks that I get is to experience naked cruises myself and get a taste of them first-hand. Just months after starting my employment, I got a chance to join the July cruise and, my God, it was a blast. While I’m certain that some of you might get a glimpse of what our cruises are all about from our website and social media platform, allow me to share some of my favorite moments on the voyage with you.

Sleeping under the stars

I want to start this list with something that was completely new for me. I have to admit that it usually takes a while for me to be able to sleep when I’m in a new place. No matter how comfortable the bed or pleasant the room is, if it’s new, then it can take one or two days before I’m used to it. In the first few days of the cruise, I experienced the same thing and Dave noticed that my energy was low.

“Here’s a tip: bring your blanket to our rooftop deck and sleep there – it’s quiet, pleasant, and the view is fantastic,” he said to me.

Wanting to have a good sleep – I followed through. Our rooftop deck is quite big with several bean bags. I used a bean bag to support my head and cover myself with the blanket and bed cover from one of the cabins. As I rested my head, what I saw above me was breathtaking – the sky was pitch black, with plenty of bright stars everywhere. Every once in a while, I saw shooting stars. It felt like the whole of nature was my bedroom and the temperature was nice… and more importantly: no mosquitos.

I slowly closed my eyes and had the best sleep I’d had for a good while. As the sunrise touched my face the next morning, I awoke with a smile on my face. Soon enough, my body was completely recharged. It was amazing.

The massage

I was surprised when both Max and Dave offered two massages to me – I guess they really wanted me to experience Everything To Sea cruises to the fullest. Both of them have different styles of massages – Max was more gentle with his hands but at the same time found the parts of my body that were quite sore and needed pressure. Dave, on the other hand, was a bit stronger with his hands but they were also relaxing. They have one thing in common, though: they’re playful and attentive. I never had a massage where I could also talk about different things and got to experience a deeper level of connections. After both massages, I felt healthier, more relaxed, and loved.

The flock of flying foxes

Every sunset during our cruise was beautiful with orange-colored, sometimes pink-ish and purple-ish, sky. But there was one sunset that really stood out – near Kalong Island. Kalong in Indonesian means fruit bat or flying fox. Apparently, as the sun sets, the island’s flying foxes flock to the sky to find food. It was a different kind of sunset for me and immediately I remembered the scene from Wizard of Oz, as that green witch (The Wicked Witch of the West) looked up to the sky as her flying monkeys filled the sky.

Fly, my pretties. Fly!”

These flying foxes are harmless, though. They simply decorated the sky and gave us a different kind of sunset. We all laughed and were in awe. Some of us took pictures – and we enjoyed the scenery with wine or beer in our hands.

Following the sea turtles and Manta rays… while naked

Naked snorkeling – this is definitely something that I looked forward to even before we embarked on the cruise. I love snorkeling but have never done one while naked. We snorkeled around the Coral Triangle with abundant fish and plenty of coral reefs. My favorite part was swimming with sea turtles and Manta rays around. These animals are so chill and relaxed – and at that moment, I just wanted to be one of them. There was one sea turtle that I ‘followed’ for fun and as I did so, I got to see the many fishes in the Indonesian sea. As I looked at other guys – I saw that they were naked, too. I couldn’t help but smile because this was a different experience for me.

Naked Twister

On one of the nights of our trip, we went to a quiet beach to have a barbeque. Most of us took off our clothes soon after and we played a naughty Twister game – oily one, that is. We got to be close to one another and laughed and had fun. As an Indonesian gay guy, this was new for me. But it felt like I was ‘at home’ with a bunch of like-minded guys who just wanted to relax and enjoy themselves. We ended that night with some drinks and loud music… while naked all the time, of course.

All in all, those were just some parts of the journey that I highlighted because they’re the most memorable to me personally. Of course, there are other things to enjoy… the dragons of Komodo Island, naked cuddling on the rooftop decks, the men’s circle where we got to share from the hearts, and lots of chill time on the boat.

It definitely was a trip unlike any other. I look forward to hearing from you guys about your own favorite things from our cruises!

With love,