Here’s $600 Bucks – Our Gift to You

Dear Travelers, 

We’re very excited to run our first trip in 2021, which will take place April 17-23. This time period coincides with our second anniversary as a company. To celebrate, we’re offering $600 off just for this trip, as our ‘thank you’ to all of our travelers – from the past, present, and future. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering about traveling during this crazy time—both domestically and internationally. Maybe you’re already considering it, but not entirely convinced. Or perhaps you’re good to go… but want to know some additional details.

We’re fully aware that the battle with Covid is not yet over. We also understand about its impact on travel. We’re neither blind nor deaf about the whole situation.

But here’s the thing: We men need connection. It’s an integral part of being human. And there’s our challenge – how to balance offering actual safety, with connected experiences? And how can we convey such, so that you are well-informed? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you unguided or worse, mislead you. All of our cards are on the table. We are in this together.

One of the burning questions that you might have is simple: Is Indonesia even open during this time?

Well, the short answer is yes. And although there are a few steps to get to that “yes”, we’re sure they will be worth it:

  • Book your flight from your country into Jakarta (CGK).  This is currently the only international airport used to enter Indonesia. 
  • Before boarding the flight from your home country, you’ll need to have a negative PCR test result – or a negative rapid antigen test result issued. 
  • After flying into Jakarta, you can either fly to Bali and spend some time there if you like, or you can meet with us directly in Flores (which is where our trip starts). 

Indonesia is not currently issuing tourist visas but there is another visa that can be used to safely enter the country. Note that we work directly with reliable visa immigration agents, to provide you with all the help needed to enter the country securely and safely.

As we’re writing this, Indonesia already begins their second phase of Covid vaccinations. In major provinces, such as West Java, there has been a steady decline of Covid cases since earlier this year. In Flores, where we start our trip, Covid cases are relatively lower than the rest of the country.  And of equal importance, Indonesians in general are compliant about following Covid health protocols. 

The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has also introduced InDOnesia CARE (“I DO CARE”), which encompasses all of the cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability protocols across the tourism industry in the country as mandatory precautions. 

If you have further concerns and questions, please click here for our FAQs. Here we will explain further about nitty-gritty details including visas, flights, and other information. 

What about us? Well… we can’t wait to get naked and have that free feeling on the sea again, with a bunch of guys who love the same things we do. The same struggles that we all shared from 2020 will be a great foundation as we start nurturing our bonding experience with like-minded guys. 

We’re ready to turn a new page for 2021 – aren’t you?

For your discount price of $600 off, enter the Coupon Code APROFF when booking.